Guiding principle

For a free, open, diverse and liberal democratic society in harmony with nature.

The planet’s natural resources as well as our social cohesion at both local and global levels are facing increasing pressures. To address the challenges of climate change and to stabilize and strengthen our community, we all need to take future-oriented and courageous action. We are convinced that only a free, open, diverse and liberal democratic society is capable of developing solutions to live and operate in harmony with nature.

Michael Otto Foundation for Sustainability
Michael Otto Foundation for Sustainability




Human rights

Sustainable change through freedom, diversity and openness – and people and nature in harmony.

The foundation of a liberal democracy is that all citizens can participate equally in political processes. A democratic system respects individual freedoms, protects against discrimination, and guarantees the right to freedom of speech and assembly. By involving various interest groups and recognizing the rights of minorities, liberal democracy contributes to fostering a fair and inclusive society. 

The right to a healthy environment is a fundamental human right, while biodiversity is crucial for the ecological balance. When it comes to nature conservation, the needs of the local population must be taken into account in order to help them become co-creators of solutions. Every person should have the chance to be part of positive change – this calls for educational concepts that anchor democratic as well as sustainable values and approaches in daily practice.

Our actions

The foundation aims to bring new approaches to implementation, actively shape change and promote the development of knowledge and skills.

We believe in partnerships and bold approaches. A sound project outline and the collaboration with experts from practice, research and politics form the basis for this. In our work, we strive to actively involve the project’s target audience in the process. Depending on the specific topic, we operate locally, nationally or on an international level.

Prof. Dr. Michael Otto
Prof. Dr. Michael Otto
Prof. Dr. Michael Otto
Prof. Dr. Michael Otto

“Promoting an open and democratic society in which people can live and contribute equally is a cause close to my heart. It is important that we develop solutions together in order to harmonize the needs of both humans and nature.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Otto

The team of the Michael Otto Foundation for Sustainability

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